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Tired of carrying the recycling container to the front curb? The EarthOdyssey pulling tool lets you pull the recycling container instead of carrying it.

EarthOdyssey, LLC is a company dedicated to the development, production, and sale directly to the public, of patented inventions that are useful to mankind, simple to use, and economical to purchase. The inventions are intended to make life easier for people, to protect the environment, and to help preserve the resources of the earth on which we live. A particular invention may negate a need to use, for example, a powered tool to perform a task, thereby minimizing air and noise pollution. EarthOdyssey, LLC is presently featuring the EarthOdyssey™ pulling tool, a patented invention.

This website will be updated on a continual basis. At a future point time online ordering will be added. In the meantime, you can order the EarthOdyssey™ pulling tool by printing the order form and sending it to us together with payment.

These webpages are a convenient and easy means of obtaining information about, as well as ordering, our products. In addition, the webpages are highly interactive. Messages and prompts will appear as you navigate around the site.

EarthOdyssey pulling tool

An overall view of the EarthOdyssey pulling tool in use to pull a recycling container.
$9.95 + $5.00 Shipping and Handling = $14.95
(for shipments to NY State, add sales tax)
(recycling container not included)

video of pulling tool  Download a video clip (4.6mb)  video of pulling tool

A shorter version of the EarthOdyssey pulling tool is demonstrated in the video. The shorter length is adapted to a higher recycling bin.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

small stationary butterfly turns into a small rotating earthWhat is the EarthOdyssey pulling tool?

small stationary butterfly turns into a small rotating earthWhy is the EarthOdyssey pulling tool so unique?

small stationary butterfly turns into a small rotating earthHow do I know the EarthOdyssey pulling tool will work?

small stationary butterfly turns into a small rotating earthWhat does it look like?

small stationary butterfly turns into a small rotating earthWhat does it cost and how do I buy it?

small stationary butterfly turns into a small rotating earthWhat about shipping and handling costs, guarantee and returns?

What is the EarthOdyssey pulling tool?

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The grip on the handle does not have to be tight in order to effectively pull an object.

View of the handle

The EarthOdyssey™ pulling tool is a unique tool that makes the chore of carrying recycling containers to the front curb much easier. In fact, you no longer carry the containers. You leave the containers on the ground and let the earth carry the weight. All you need to do is merely pull the containers along the ground. It helps to preserve your back and reduce the possibility of backaches. It can also be used during yard cleanup. Jump to another page and read more about the EarthOdyssey™ pulling tool.animated butterfly

Why is the EarthOdyssey pulling tool so unique?

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A view from a different angle.

View of hand positioning
The EarthOdyssey™ pulling tool is unique because it has acquired intellectual property rights through a patent issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. There is no other tool like it in the country.animated butterfly

How do I know the EarthOdyssey
pulling tool will work?

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The freely rotating handle allows complete freedom of hand and wrist movement.

Pulling a recycling container
The EarthOdyssey™ pulling tool has been tested and proven in actual use for more than three years. It has been left outside for three years without any sign of corrosion. This is to be expected since it is made from non-corroding materials.animated butterfly

What does it look like?

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The hook engages the recycling container under the overhanging lip that runs along the top.

Close-up of hook

The EarthOdyssey™ pulling tool is approximately three feet long and has only two components, a rod and a handle. It is constructed of materials that will not corrode. Therefore, you can leave it outside all year round. The materials are also strong and lightweight. The handle both slides and swivels to allow complete flexibility of hand and wrist movement as you pull a recycling container behind you, while walking forward. Two right angle bends in the rod near the handle trap the handle in position, allowing the user to reach out and hook an item with the EarthOdyssey™ pulling tool.animated butterfly

What does it cost and how do I buy it?

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Tightly tie the bundle of branches using strong string or cord.

Hooking a bundle of branches

One EarthOdyssey™ pulling tool costs $9.95 plus shipping and handling. The price for each decreases if you order more than one. Sales tax is only charged on shipments to NY State. We do not accept orders from outside of the U.S. Please go to the order form if you want to print a copy of the order form and mail it to us with payment. We accept personal checks, money orders, and cashier's checks. When the order ships, a shipping confirmation will be sent by email. Generally, shipment will take place within 72 hours after we receive your order. For personal checks, we may not ship until the check clears, which can take up to seven days. The order form includes a price list for ordering more than one EarthOdyssey™ pulling tool. Further information on ordering can be found at: How to orderanimated butterfly

What about shipping and handling
costs, guarantee and returns?

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In the enlargement you will notice that the pulling tool flexes slightly. This is normal. It restraightens when you release the pulling force.

Pulling a bundle of branches

Shipping and handling costs are itemized on the order form. The EarthOdyssey™ pulling tool comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. You may return it for any reason within 30 days and you will receive a full refund of your original purchase cost. However, the cost of returning the EarthOdyssey™ pulling tool must be borne by you. Also, we require that the original shipping carton be used to return it. Otherwise you may have difficulty finding an appropriate shipping carton. Authorization for a return is not necessary. Although it is not required, we ask that you include a note or send an email explaining the reason for the return so that we may better serve our other customers. Also be sure to indicate your name and address for the return credit payment.animated butterfly
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The Story behind the EarthOdyssey pulling tool: Learn how the EarthOdyssey™ pulling tool was invented, what it's used for, and why it can be helpful to you in your daily life. Then on the same page view more images of the EarthOdyssey™ pulling tool.

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